Integrated Consulting Services, LLC (ICS) specializes in assisting businesses get the tangible results they’re looking for through innovative thinking and external perspective. We work with entrepreneurial companies with revenues between $5 million to $80 million per year to provide an external perspective on their internal strategy in an effort to bring their company to the next level.

How Do We Do This?
Many companies we work with have controllers and operations managers that are the “doers,” rather than the overall strategy thinkers. Because they’re working “in” the business and not “on” the business, they’re missing a component that gets them to the next step. We provide that component from a third-party perspective. We’re able to find out where they’re trying to go, so we can help businesses achieve success.

Our holistic approach helps businesses determine if they have the right people in the right seats, and if their business strategies meet their business goals. In essence, we help businesses see what they’re needing to see, so they can move beyond their strategic challenges.

Below is the framework from which we base our strategy for working with companies:

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