A Go-To Partner for Your Can-Do Business

Our fractional CFOs provide on-demand strategic direction, financial accountability and thoughtful leadership for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With strategic thinking, sophisticated financial modeling, and robust analytical tools, we create realistic plans that marry historical facts with your vision for success, and then provide the crucial support to bring that plan to life.

Services to Meet Every Need

Whether you require short-term expertise to get a project off the ground or long-term guidance on multiple assignments, we provide the right services at the right time at the right price.



A budget sets expectations for future performance, and helps you to determine if you have enough money to fund operations, expand and generate income. We’ll analyze and compare your budgeted expectations to actual results to determine if you are on the right track toward your goals or need to adjust your course.

financial strategy

Financial Strategy

We will help you formulate a cohesive set of short- and long-term goals based on sound financial strategy. Using your financial data, we’ll identify your key performance indicators and how they can be used to implement new business initiatives. And we’ll help train all levels of management and employees to help them perform better in your operations.

cash flow icon

Cash Flow Management

Cash is king, particularly when operating and growing a business. Our tools map out every dollar coming into and out of your business, giving you knowledge and awareness to plan for future shortfalls and increased needs, as well as for capital expenditures and distributions. In the end, you’ll have more time to thoughtfully plan and make business decisions.


Month-End Assistance

We pick up where your bookkeeper leaves off, helping perform standard month-end procedures such as reconciliation of bank accounts pre-paids and other accounts, posting accruals and month end journal entries, preparation and attendance at quarterly board meetings, and assistance with preparation of financial statements.

Tools for Moving Your Business Forward

Financial Modeling

We tailor your unique financial model by analyzing your historical financial data to predict future results. We leave no stone unturned as we analyze every product and service and their gross profit, every customer and their pay habits, every vendor and their terms, your payroll, and your loans. Your model becomes a powerful tool and reliable plan for helping you contemplate the effects of changes to different variables in your business.

13-Week Cash Flow Report

A 13-week cash flow report allows you to be proactive about potential cash shortages, rather than surprised and reactionary, which is particularly valuable when facing seasonality, extended lead times, and economic uncertainty. Starting with beginning cash balances, we’ll predict weekly incoming cash based on A/R data, and pair that with payroll, loan and vendor data to provide an accurate week-by-week cash flow report.

Business Assessment

ICS performs a comprehensive examination of your company and employees to objectively measure your progress and potential in all areas of operation. We analyze your go-to-market strategies, human capital, information and knowledge management, operations, strategic planning and leadership development, and recap the results to guide your way forward.

Relationships Based on Trust—Not Transactions

When your business is on the line, nothing erodes trust like a partner trying to upsell you, lock you into long-term commitments, or run the meter every time you call. So we base our pricing on a flat rate set appropriately for the size of your business and scope of our relationship. In the end we want to earn your business because we’ve earned your trust.

Every ICS engagement includes...