How to Balance Your Business Plan with the Journey Ahead

the road ahead

Business plans have a mixed reputation in the modern world. Though they were once the very first thing you put together when setting up or re-organizing a business, many pros advise skipping over them entirely. Why would they say such a thing? Because business plans are static. Meanwhile, the world we work in is moving faster than ever. Technology keeps leaping forward with some new, ground-breaking device being announced every other week. Social platforms, software, and apps rise and fall every month or two, changing the environment we’re working in. And with all of this, the needs and wants of the customer are in constant flux as they try to keep up with what’s in.

So Where Does A Business Plan Fit Into All Of That?

Despite the uncertainty ahead, especially for newer businesses, we believe there’s an important place for plans today. Once upon a time, we thought that the earth was the center of our universe. This is where life was, and it made sense that everything revolved around our actions as we progressed forward. Eventually, we learned that’s not the case. Our solar system needs the sun to keep it anchored. Even as we’re constantly changing and growing as a planet, the sun is there to warm us, rotate us, and make sure we’re able to continue. In the same way, your business plan is that center for your actions. Even as your business evolves, the plan remains as an anchor, guiding decisions and keeping the bigger picture on track. Without it, your business might quickly fall out of orbit and disappear into cold darkness.

It’s Important To Keep Everyone Moving Together

The bigger your business gets, the more moving parts there are. As things change and development, you need something to unify everyone. That’s what a plan is for. It establishes a common goal and purpose that everyone works towards. But it also provides a path to get there. Otherwise, everyone may wander off on their own ways, creating division and chaos in your organization.

You Don’t Have To Follow It Explicitly

Some businesses are afraid to create a detailed plan as if they’re bound to follow exactly what it says no matter what happens. But that’s not the point of the plan. It’s not a step-by-step instruction manual that you’re reading as you work. When you’re taking driver’s ed, the instructor doesn’t tell you to watch the dividing line next to you. You look at the open road ahead. That’s where you’re going. That’s where the action is. The line is simply there to make sure you stay on the road and in your lane. A great business plan should act the same way. If you’re in need of forming better plans for your business, we’re here to help. The team at Integrated Consulting specializes in management, data analytics, business financial consulting, and more. We’ll help you form a plan that works for your business and that you’re able to stick with, keeping you on the road to a more successful future. Contact us today.