[ CFO career q&a   |    May 15, 2023 ]

Get the scoop before taking a leap.

Are you feeling like public accounting may not be what you’d hoped for as a career choice, but feel that you’ve invested too much into your education to make a change—and aren’t even sure what kind of change you would make? If so, fractional CFO work may be the answer.

Join us for an anonymous live Zoom meeting May 15th @ 9am to have your questions answered by our team, hear why they joined ICS and learn what they love about their career path!

Why Work @ ICS

We’re always looking for talented teammates to help us provide an uncommon level of service and expertise to our clients. Here’s what a job at Integrated Consulting can do for you!

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Use your unique skills to make a real impact.

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Feel connected, supported % empowered.

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Enjoy flexibility & control of your schedule.

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Have fun!

"What's the culture like @ ICS?"

"Why did you decide to work @ ICS?"

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may 15, 2023   |    9:00am–10:30am

This will be a live zoom meeting where your participation will be completely anonymous. No one will see your face or your name, but you will be able to see and hear us.

Upon receiving your registration, we’ll reach out with details and a meeting link.