ICS vs Big Accounting Firms

Reality of working for the big accounting firms

Many of our consultant’s finish school with an accounting degree and get to work after graduation doing tax &/or audit work with a big firm, setting their long-term sites on becoming partner.

Then reality starts to creep in. What was once a career goal now starts to seem like a grind. For some, the work lacks meaning. Processing stacks of tax returns is repetitive in nature and narrow in focus, leaving little room for creativity or innovation.

Accounting firms are notorious for demanding long work hours, particularly during peak periods such as tax season. High pressure deadlines, coupled with a focus on billable hours leaves little room for flexibility or work life balance and leads to stress and burnout.


ICS is different

At ICS our consultants have an opportunity to work directly with business owners, using their education and skills to make a difference.

Each consultant manages relationships with 4 to 6 different clients. With weekly deliverables for each client, our consultants determine when they get their work done, be it 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, or nights and weekends.

Our virtual work office means that everyone works from their own home office – wherever that may be. It is not unusual for some of our consultants to travel to different cities throughout the year to visit family or escape the cold, bringing their “office” with them.

Despite having an abundance of independence, we work as a team with training and support just a text, email or phone call away.

We created a visual that lists the “pros” of working with ICS vs a traditional accounting firm. We have great people and are always looking for more. Contact Craig.siiro@integrated-consulting.net to take the next step today!