Tired of the grind?

Woman at work desk, late at night with head in hands

When people get out of college with accounting degrees, they’re often focused on building a career with a reputable CPA firm doing tax and audit work. The career path appears to be laid out ahead of them; finish school, get a job, pass the CPA exam, work hard, become partner, etc.

However, for some, the grind of long hours quickly loses its appeal.

Many people are looking for more ownership of their time and a greater sense of fulfillment from the work they are doing.

At ICS, we believe fractional consulting work is the answer, and here’s why:


Work directly with the decision maker

Working as a fractional CFO, we are working directly with business owners.  These owners are experts in their fields; however they need assistance on the finance aspect of their business.   We provide an independent, outside look at the business.  Our advice and counsel is often a critical part of their decision-making process.


Learn from real life experience

Working in a fractional firm provides access to the real-life inner workings of a business, the problems and opportunities, and the leadership dynamics. A fractional consultant quickly learns how decisions are made and the effects of those decisions.


Make an impact

Many businesses owners are focused on their expertise and need outside perspective to balance their view.  These leaders often need to make difficult decisions that directly affect the success of the business.  The advice and analyses provided by outside consultants has a direct impact on the success of those businesses.


Enjoy a flexible environment

A fractional profession typically provides the most flexibility possible in a job.  Our consultants work from home and determine their own hours. Each consultant has a variety of clients in a range of industries. They have deliverables for each client on a weekly basis and determine the hours they work in order to complete those deliverables on a timely basis.


Benefit from a team

Working with a fractional team provides the support needed for learning and development, as well as a backup, sounding board and resource. As much as everyone enjoys their autonomy, we all still appreciate being a part of a fun team. And we think we have the best!