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Minnesota is a great place to start a business. Many companies that were founded here have grown from small startups into viable industry contenders. It’s a place of innovation, growth and success.

And it all starts with smart financial planning.

The Effect of Financial Planning

Without a strong financial plan, many companies do not last more than a few years. 50 percent fail in their first five years, and even fewer make it to ten and beyond. It’s not usually because their product or service isn’t in demand, but rather because they couldn’t maintain a business model that brought them continued success.

Even companies that are staying out of the red could be doing better. While most companies have controllers that prepare their financial statements, many don’t even consider financial consulting in Minnesota.

And it’s difficult to see so many companies run by good people go under.

That’s why the financial experts at Integrated Consulting Services set out to formulate the next level of financial consulting in Minnesota. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to businesses both large and small, helping them to reach the pinnacle of their success.

How We Help Businesses Grow

With the right strategy formulated by a diverse group of financial consultants, even a successful business can find room to grow year after year.

Our financial consulting in Minnesota consists of:

  • Expert Financial Analysis: We will completely dissect your company to ascertain your profitability and long-term stability. We want to know what your strengths and weakness are. What makes you viable in your industry? This initial process sets the stage for your continued growth.
  • Complete Cash Flow Analysis: We will break down, organize and analyze your company’s complete financial profile. Every bit of money flowing in and out of your company will be documented on a financial statement, allowing us identify areas where further investments can be made and where spending can be reduced.
  • Integration of Strategy: Focusing on your short and long term goals, we will help you formulate a cohesive set of goals based on sound financial strategy. Using the financial data that we have gathered, we will identify your key performance indicators and how they can be used to implement new business initiatives. Additionally, we will help train all levels of management and employees to help them perform better in your overall and day-to-day operations.

A Results Based Strategy For Any Company

Our financial consulting in Minnesota is a flexible service that gets your company the assistance that you need, when you need it. We remain focused on your company’s objectives and help you to achieve long-term success. Our experienced staff combines years of financial expertise that spans all phases of entrepreneurial growth. Whether you are a new startup or an experienced industry veteran, we can assist you by managing your finances and capital to maximize your company’s growth.

If you are ready to maximize your level of success while minimizing financial risk, give us a call and we will get to work on creating a business strategy that is right for you.

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