Financial Modeling

Integrated Consulting Makes Financial Modeling Work For Your Business

Your company’s financial model influences every initiative, operation and action that you undertake. Taking into account your future projections, industry trends and a variety of other financial factors, you can always make the best decisions for your business.

At Integrated Consulting, we understand the importance of your financial data. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to creating the most comprehensive compilations of data for our clients. When it comes to financial modeling, we lead the way.

A Breakdown of Our Financial Modeling

The custom financial models we create are specifically tailored to your company’s interests and objectives. Our analysts take the time to get to know each level of your organization and compile data that you can’t get anywhere else.

We will construct operational metrics that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of all your business practices, carefully craft cost and operating expense structures and measure the fixed and variable expenses that determine the price of your goods or services.

From the fixed costs of your direct labor, manufacturing/administrative overhead, etc. to the variable costs of wages, taxes, materials, returns/credits and other non-fixed expenses, we will take into account every penny that comes in and out of your business.

The Primary Focus

The financial modeling created by our analysts at Integrated Consulting has a solitary focus: providing you with a multifaceted compilation of useful, relevant data that will give you insights into every level of your business.

Best of all, it will be presented in an organized, easy-to-digest model that can be shared across every level of your organization, allowing everyone from ground level employees to executive management to focus on key performance indicators and business goals.

From business drivers that promote growth to leading indicators that pinpoint trends in the economy, our financial models contain hard data that can be used to formulate your business objectives. The balance sheets, income statements and cash flow management we provide will allow for collateral and ratio analyses to be conducted, allowing you to compare numbers from previous years, industry averages and competing companies.

The insights you gain can tell you a lot about where the industry and your company are headed.

Making the System Work For You

It’s not enough to merely know where or how your company can grow. The financial modeling at Integrated Consulting also helps you get there.

Our intuitive and complete financial models will help you to:

  • Strategically plan new initiatives and business ventures.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive budgets that keep your company’s finances in order.
  • Plan and follow through with mergers, acquisitions and turnarounds to expand your company’s reach.
  • Determine the most effective pricing for your products and services.
  • Highlight areas where costs can be reduced to save you money.
  • Identify areas where increased spending and investments will be beneficial.
  • Measure the efficiency of all of your operational processes.
  • Calculate the return on investment for all operations and initiatives.
  • Formulate and adopt a list of key performance indicators.

It’s financial modeling that is customized to match your business needs, no matter what they are.

Plan Your Finances Today

At Integrated Consulting, your company’s future is our top priority. To find out how we can create a financial model that works for you, give a call today.

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