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Contract CFO Services at Integrated Consulting Services

The CFO of any company holds one of the most integral upper management positions. They handle the past, present and future financial records and business strategy, ensuring that the company’s finances are well-managed in all business operations.

The importance of a company’s CFO cannot be overstated, however the complexity and sometimes vague description of the position often leads companies to take a rather apathetic stance towards the position as a whole.

Many end up dropping the position in favor of a more case-by-case approach to CFO services.

Are Contract CFOs Better for Your Business?

CFOs are experts in the fields of finance and economic strategy, but the position is often underutilized and almost always comes with a hefty paycheck.

This doesn’t change the fact that you will probably miss having a CFO when you need one.

Contract CFOs offer the same experience in financial strategy as their full-time counterparts, but can be hired on an as-needed basis. The CFO services that they provide are high quality solutions that can be integrated into your strategy when you need them, and when no you longer require them, the costs vanish along with the position.

The Benefits of Using Contract CFO Services

Many companies hire contract workers to handle specific projects, but many don’t consider doing the same for upper management positions. The contract CFOs at Integrated Consulting Services have all been in full-time positions with companies in the past.

They aren’t inexperienced hires.

Their CFO services can be seamlessly integrated into your business operations for however long you need them. Whether you require short-term expertise to get a project off the ground or long-term guidance on multiple assignments, you will find that a contract CFO is right for your business.

Contract CFOs come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most have worked in multiple industries. All have the experience needed to lead both small and large teams. They have the ability to join any team, adding their expertise to the existing accounting staff to direct their focus on strategic issues. Whether you need to leverage data analytics, create financial models or anything in between, you will have a capable industry expert in charge of your team.

Choose the Right Fit For Your Needs

No two projects are the same, just as no two CFOs are exactly alike. When you have a CFO that is permanently on your staff, you cannot choose the projects that fit his or her strengths.

With contract CFO services, you can specifically match the solutions needed for each project with the particular strengths of a variety of potential candidates, then decide who to place for each job. When the job is done, you can match another project with a different CFO, or keep your current contracted candidate on your staff for an extended stay.

Each CFO is always exactly what you need for your business, when you need it.

Here One Day, Gone the Next

With contract work, nothing is permanent. You choose to apply the experience of the candidate of your choice wherever you need it. There is no annual salary or unnecessary costs.

It’s financial consulting that works exactly when, where and how you want.

To find the right contract CFO for your company’s needs, contact Integrated Consulting Services today for more information.

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